95.3 FM in Willmar, Minnesota

If you’re looking for a radio station that plays a variety of music, you should look at 95.3. The station has a lot of different formats that you can listen to, including Pop, Bluegrass, and Country music. You’ll find all of these types of music on the station, as well as other great genres, too.

Country music

There’s a great mix of today’s pop and country music on K 95.3 radio in Willmar, MN. With a 50,000-watt signal, the station features cutting-edge country music. Its limited commercial availability ensures that the music flows and advertising messages stand out.

KDJS-FM is owned by Iowa City Broadcasting Company. The station broadcasts a variety of country music, including the American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks. You can also listen to Bluegrass music on the station. They also broadcast high school sports. Since 1997, the station has been entertaining listeners with its unique radio mix.

In addition to country music, Hot Country K95.3 also features short morning news updates. This gives listeners a great chance to catch up on their daily news, and keep in touch with the happenings in the Brownfield area.


The radio station in Willmar, Minnesota has been sold to a group that plans to move it out of its current location. Zoe Communications will take over the station in early 2023. While there is no final plan yet for where the station will go, it’s clear the new owners appreciate the importance of staying local.

KDJS-FM, also known as Hot Country K-95.3, is a station owned by the Iowa City Broadcasting Company. Its programming includes Zmax Racing Country and the American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks.

The radio station has been broadcasting a variety of music since 1997. In addition to its country format, it also plays hits from multiple generations of listeners.

Formats played

There are a number of formats that make the cut on 95.3 FM in Willmar, Minnesota. For starters, you have the venerable XM, the aforementioned XM, and the new Go 96.3. The aforementioned XM and XM have been on the air for several years, and Go is a recent entrant. In fact, the station is owned by Northern Lights Broadcasting, which launched it in 2015. This aforementioned company is also responsible for the XM Radio XM Big Daddy and the new XM Satellite Radio (XMSR) which resides on the 95.3 frequency. Also on hand is the KDJS, the state’s only AM radio station, and the EMF, a commercial company that operates two in-house formats.


If you’re looking for a high-end experience with a low-end price tag, then the K 95.3 radio station in Willmar, Minnesota is the place to go. This high-tech radio station is home to a wide variety of high-flying personalities including the effervescent Jordy Jordy. Besides, what’s not to like about listening to your favorite pop superstars? Aside from the usual suspects, this station also plays host to local harbingers like the dreaded Twins. And with no BS to enact, you can count on this station to be your new favorite hangout. With more than 3000 employees at their beck and call, if youre in town, you wont be stuck for choice.